Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neuroses really get in the way

So I was just on a porn site where people can post all sorts of videos. Each one is given a title and a brief description. Now, I'm not so anal as to think that all titles and descriptions need to and will be proof-read. However, some things just aren't okay. Let me explain why.

On the main page, someone had entitled their video: "Me Expoding."


The problem really isn't in the misspelling. As I said before, I hold no expectations for a porn site. The fact that people can even get a pornographic video uploaded onto a page is a miracle. Men tend to degenerate into neanderthals once sex becomes involved. The old adage is true: men have two brains and blood can only be supplied to one at a time. Quite frankly, it's amazing that blood even gets to the brain atop my body at all.

What I actually find disturbing about this typo is its effect on the video's potential to be provocative. Perhaps this is something that only I would think about. Call me crazy, but the video goes from alluring to humorous the second I think about someone saying "expoding" aloud. I think of someone saying it in the middle of sex.


Perhaps I've taken a turn toward approaching sex analytically. I made a bet with my friend that I would not have any sort of sexual contact for 6 months (ends October 24: T minus 5 months). For a while I was just horny; now I get off to get it out of the way. When libido becomes a nuisance, I suppose the only way to go is analytical.

Anyway, life is fine. It seems to keep going. And going. And going. And going.

I need a hobby. Other than pornography. I can't really discuss that one while out making friends.


Biscotti said...

Sex is not not the answer.

Joshua said...

You totally made me giggle...I'm a grammar slut. I hate it when people can't type correctly...let alone spell right!

Amanda said...

Please do not share this blog with prospective friends...

And who knew anyone could be so analytical about porn.