Monday, August 27, 2007

You're really pretty! Thank you! So you Agree? What? You think you're really pretty...

So let's recap my Monday. Well, the amount of Monday I've had anyway:

8:00am - boss informs us she is resigning

8:30am - director informs me that I will be shifting into a different position because of my boss resigning. My new job is more stressful and chaotic, without better pay.

9:00am - doctor calls to let me know that my X-Ray showed pneumonia in my left lung. Not too bad; only need to go back to deal with it if the antibiotics I'm already on don't fix it.

10:00am - Move all of my shit to another office for the rest of the day because my desk has been taken to another building. New desk arrives? Tomorrow.

11:00am - Kinkos messed up my order estimate. Instead of the total being $1392, it was $1865. 500 dollars? Kind of a big difference.

1:00pm - While vacuuming the floor where my desk used to be, I misstep and my Prada sandal breaks. Now I am semi-sans shoes. Cute. Temporarily fixed with two rubber bands and my soul:

I think today wins the stupid Monday award. Hmmm, maybe the stupid sexy Monday award. Rubber banded Prada? I don't care what J. Timberlake says: THAT shit brought sexy back!

And my foot is damn cute. So fresh and so clean clean!

I love today.


Tyler said...

This really shouldn't surprise you. It is still 2007 after all. But on the flip side I think you should get that idea patented. Otherwise some celebrity is going to start a rubber band footwear line and you are going to be really pissed off.

Joshua said...

I love that you still have a GREAT attitude after all that!

Good luck on the new job...and desk???

Amanda said...

prada sandals? oh, how i miss southern califoria living.

Ameet said...

As long as it wasn't the gucci slip-ons I like so much.

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