Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm SO going to slap you!

Moments like this make me worried.

These men are members of the Turkish Parliament (picture from BBC News). While they are not members of our congress, I operate without any delusion that our representatives are "above" this behavior. It's fascinating how men can be reduced to idiotic physical altercation so easily. Our leaders should be working toward creating a better world. They should represent our intellectual elite; the people with the capacity to make the best possible decisions for us as a people. Instead, they act like baboons.

Debating the salient points of an issue? NO.

Hitting each other and screaming? YES!

I worry for the world. Constantly. I tell myself I should be reading the news more often. I have no clue why I want to be well-versed in world news and politics; the second I read the news and see the pictures, I get so angry/exasperated that I can barely function.

I don't stay up on politics because I am trying to prevent an aneurysm.

So with that, I go back to Mean Girls. To calm my brain from the trauma of


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