Sunday, June 24, 2007

Leavenworth RULES!

I love prisons.

That's probably not the most appropriate way to state that. I really do not support the structure of the incarceration component of our penal system, nor do I think that the methods by which our government regulates punishment are conducive to progress (the lack of rehabilitation, the high propensity for recidivism, the entire prison-industrial complex, etc.).

However, I find prison culture FASCINATING. The History Channel is airing a documentary on the Aryan Brotherhood and its influence in maximum security penitentiaries. The fact that they refer to the brotherhood as "the brand" is awesome.

I think that Prison culture offers a lot of insight into human behavior. An entire industry of prison sociology, psychology, and anthropology exists for a reason. How does the environment created in prisons contribute to violent/further criminal behavior? What compels the prisoners to collude and create intricate and effective networks across prison complexes? What factors provide the space for these networks to thrive and influence the prison scene?


On top of all the educational angles of approach to the study of the prison system, I find it incredibly entertaining that these people are bat-shit crazy. How did they get this way? And are they honestly all that different than the rest of us?

Oh, and by the way: anyone that will hide a ten-inch blade up their ass = A-OK in my book. :P

EDIT (9:46pm): The just showed a segment on communication between the prisoners. The Aryan Brotherhood utilized a code system based on the work of Sir Francis Bacon which relies on dual alphabets. THEY WROTE IN CODE FROM A 16TH CENTURY PHILOSOPHER! What sophistication! I'm quite certain that several of the people that lead this country (Bush included) wouldn't even recognize the name Francis Bacon. If that doesn't say something, I don't know what does.


Joshua said...

You don't want to know what the first thing was to pop into my head. LOL

Ameet said...

Oh Stephen. . .