Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 2!

Top 5 ways to embarrass Stephen:

1. Put him in a situation where everyone else knows what they are doing and he doesn't have a fucking clue which way is up.
2. Pull down his pants in front of a lot of people.
3. Catch him when he misuses a word or says something that isn't correct and then call him on it.
4. Find files on his computer of "questionable" content and ask him about them (you probably don't want to do this... nothing makes me angrier than someone snooping through my shit).
5. Make a scene in public (one in which you are really nasty/mean to someone, ESPECIALLY when said nastiness is unwarranted).

The end.

Oh, and these aren't necessarily in order of severity. In that case, number five would be my number one. Without question.

Tomorrow's List: Top 5 Flammable Objects!!!

Ooh la la!

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Josh said...

Love it! funny stuff