Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting in the Rhythm

In an attempt to make blogging here into a habit, I am going to incorporate thematic writing.

Well, I use the term "writing" loosely... One, because you can hardly call what I do writing; and two, because making lists is fairly remedial (and it's not really writing... granted, it falls under the auspices of writing, but still... okay, I'll shut up now).


I originally intended to make TOP 10 lists (kind of sort of in a way borrowing the idea from David Letterman. Well, less "kind of sort of in a way borrowing" and more outright stealing). Much to my surprise and dismay, I discovered it difficult to think of interesting categories in which I could come up with 10 items. Let alone items that I would consider worthy of a top 10 list.

So, I give you.... *long, incessant drum roll* THE TOP 5 LISTS A-GO-GO!!!

A-GO-GO really increases the vibrancy of... well... pretty much EVERYTHING.

Every day (or so), I will create a new top 5 list. My hope in this regard is to provide insight into my psychoses-laden brain. You will learn. A LOT.

Trust me.

Okay, list #1 -

(Not quite so solid - yet not quite so liquid either)

1. Slightly melted coffee ice cream (preferably Haagen Dazs)
2. Strawberry La Creme yogurt (NO CHUNKS! WOO!)
3. Apple Sauce
4. Jell-O chocolate pudding
5. Strawberry Jell-O

Oh OH, I forgot one important point. These lists are not provided for the sake of criticism. I'm not eliciting arguments here (I know strawberry Jell-O may not fit into the NQSS-YNQSLE category). Just bear with me and revel in the insanity. Your life will be much easier if you do so. :)


Amanda said...

Your first list is G.R.O.S.S. Deacon won't even eat half those items. Blech.

Nikki said...

Jell-O is actually a colloid, and therefore the epitome of the NQSS-NQSLE category...

I have a LOT of useless science knowledge, especially when you consider that I was an English major! :)

Tyler said...

Can I get a WOOT! WOOT! for the ice cream without chucks? That would definitely turn the YNQSLE into a HSIINQSL (Has solid in it not quite so liquid) and then we're just getting out of control.