Saturday, April 7, 2007

Picture of the Day #1

So my first "picture of the day" just flat-out sucks. My shoes? Really?

Really. They got me thinking about the absurdity of my wardrobe. I have 27 pairs of shoes. I understand that women have many more than that. I understand that men often times have many less. I like the number of shoes I have and specifically selected each pair for various reasons. I'm not ashamed of my shoes, damn it.

However, I am ashamed of my sartorial apathy as of late. Despite the fact that I have 27 pairs of shoes, the majority of them being casual in nature, I wear one pair of shoes 95% of the time. One pair. The rest consume all of the storage space below my bed (and even the floor space of my closet), slowly finding themselves buried by dust and neglect.

I just can't help it though. The Sperry Top-Siders are so comfortable. And so cute and sporty (in the WASPy "I ride on my yacht during the weekends on my way to the Cape" sporty way). They encapsulate my fashion phase at the moment. Or at least my fashion state of mind; I LOVE LOVE LOVE the nautical look. Except the only nautical attire I own are the top-siders... and a pair of white linen pants that I am scared to wear for fear of tarnishing them with food (or vomit... I've done it before, don't ask) or being mocked mercilessly for my WASPy ensemble. Not that I care what people think; I'm too self-absorbed to notice other people anyway. (that's from a movie; I'm really not that big of a bitch)

All that to say: the boat shoes are my shoe. I wore them as a child, I wear them now, and I will wear them on my yacht in the Mediterranean in the future. Like any good fashion-staple, I will ride these shoes until they die.

Thank you, Sperry, for making my feet look so gay. Gay as in happy. And gay as in, "yes I do like boys! How could you tell? Oh, ha ha, of COURSE! BOAT SHOES!! OMG!" (but NO THANK YOU for turning my socks blue).

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